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CDM- Help to shape your skills for a better career

CDM- Career Decision- Making System, let the students carve their future with immense of job opportunities across the globe. It makes the students think beyond the Engineer or Doctor career and introduces a world of endless opportunities. Unlike the conventional career guidance tools that only gives you guidance, CDM lets the students analyse their interests, abilities and values to suit the global occupations. And moreover, it makes sure of the students' satisfaction.

CDM is a revolutionary career tool to help the students to explore their abilities,find goals, follow their interests, visions and values to achieve a proper and better education.Usually, the students will not have any idea about their career, what to do and what not to do.They will be in confusion to choose their career options.The CDM aims such students and helps them to find their capabilities through opening a world filled with various kinds of opportunities. CDM helps the students to identify their occupational interests, career options and explore their abilities and work values.

CDM Career Interest Areas

CDM interested in different areas like Crafts, Scientific, The Arts, Social, Business and Office.

Who can use the CDM Career Inventory?

CDM can be used by school counselors, career counselors, classroom teachers and school psychologists sharpen the minds of students.

Why use CDM?

It answers the questions of higher secondary and college students related to choose appropriate subjects and select under graduation and post graduation for higher education and choose a career path respectively.

Features of CDM

There are many unique features of CDM that make it significant among other conservative career guidance tools. They are the following;

  • New internet version, fast and accurate.
  • Can be completed in school or any place with internet access.
  • Quick to take, online scored.
  • Flexible: Use one-on- one or in groups.
  • Matches interests, values and abilities.

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