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Aptitude Test - Differential Aptitude Test [DAT]

A Scientific way to measure the aptitude or tools to identify a candidate’s genuine aptitude/potential


Knowing Aptitude is the key behind making one successful in his profession.


Aptitude is the inherent potential of a person rather than a short-term interest.


Some people can paint beautifully but cannot sing even a single line,


Some others are good at talking to people but slow at paper work,


Still others can easily repair a car but find writing very difficult.


Differences in Aptitude makes a student as a banker, another as an engineer, again one as an editor. Testing Aptitude is a usual practice in the modern world. Count the Scientists you know, name the athletes, actors, intellectuals………    Why did Europe own a lion’s share?


Know the Aptitude of your child before packing him/her off forcefully for entrance coaching.

The world is perhaps losing another Pele, Gandhi, Einstein and numerous other legends

Let him flow to his destination, naturally!



Among the different tools to measure the aptitude, Differential Aptitude Tests (DAT) is the most standardized and popularized test. Common are General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB) and The GATB was developed by the Employment Service Bureau of the United States (U.S.) and the DAT by the Psychological Corporation of New York. Copy right of DAT is owned by Pearson in London [well known educational and psychological research centre] and Career Guru is the licensed user of DAT in India and Middle East.


Modern studies about educational psychology point out the importance of psychometric tests in determining the ability and aptitude of children before selecting a certain study stream. Often in Kerala nothing other than the interest of parents and pear group is considered in this process. Too many cases are reported as complete failures in attaining the level set by them; hence they get frustrated, then child eventually misses all possibilities to do anything better, though she/he had too many choices.


We all are well aware in the fact that the school is the right place where the career of a student is being shaped. It will be highly beneficial for students, parents and for teachers if they could know in advance the aptitude, ability and the interest of the student in certain field or fields of career. Differential Aptitude Tests will definitely help you in this regard. The one-to-one counseling session, followed by DAT test session, with students and their parents on the basis of the test result is the uniqueness of our program. The well-trained and experienced career counselors of Career Guru can guide students and parents to the best suitable option and can give information connected to that career path.


DAT Process


Pre test Session

Prior to the test, an interactive session on Scientific Career Planning will be given in which the participants get idea to set their smart goals and the skills to achieve, if it is a group DAT. If it is individual, either he/she can do it without a pre test career awareness or with career awareness sitting.


Test Session

DAT contains 6 different tests namely Verbal reasoning, Abstract reasoning, Numerical ability, Mechanical reasoning, Spatial relations and Language usage. Test session spans over around 2.15 hrs with breaks after each test with refreshing edutainment games to avoid the carry over effect of the test, if the test is a group test. If it is individual candidate can take breaks after each module.


Post test counseling

After the test a date and a time-slot will be supplied to the students for their counseling along with parents in the light of the test result. An expert career counselor from Career Guru will do the counseling [if it is group test]. If it is individual candidates can have a one on one personal counseling just 20-30 after the completion of the test.


Career sitting

A session for goal or career re-statement will be conducted within one year in the school by the counselor who attended the post test counseling to give a personal one to one counseling for the students who attended DAT. If it is individual test candidate can visit the office for another counseling session for a goal re-statement.


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